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Welcome to the Creative Center and Gallery where you can post your creative work related to Baha'i art, photography, poetry, music, and literature.  All submissions must be pre-approved and not every submission will be accepted.  Contact us for further information.

Red Grammar

Listen to Red Grammers' Music Here:

Over the past two years I have been given to hear some wonderful new things and been privileged to work with my dear friend and fellow musical madman, John Guth, to bring it into being. The result is Soul Man In A Techno World, possibly my best work ever. The arrangements run from "rich" to "smokin'" and the songs, well, they have this way of resonating with the best in us.

For those of you who haven't already experienced Free Falling, my previous recording, most people will tell you it's worth the price of admission just for the first song, Hold Me Tonight. After that it's all gravy with a collection of scat tunes, love ballads, and songs of the heart and soul that allow me to flex my vocal chops.


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