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Welcome to the Creative Center and Gallery where you can post your creative work related to Baha'i art, photography, poetry, music, and literature.  All submissions must be pre-approved and not every submission will be accepted.  Contact us for further information.

JB Eckl

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JB EcklJB Eckl is truly one of those ''once in a long while'' talents - someone put on this planet to make music, irrespective of genre or geography.  Whether composing, producing or performing, JB's intuitive grasp of what makes a timeless and soulful sound has made a powerful impression on every collaborator and music lover who has crossed his path.

Mentored by masters, inspired by his travels, JB has crafted a sweeping musical vision that takes in all that he's been exposed to throughout his journey.  On his solo art-pop opus Everywhere At Once, JB is sharing his most honest, searching and adventurous work with the world. Like his heroes, he remains a firm believer that music has a purpose far beyond mere entertainment - that it can be a compass and a mirror for the soul, a soundtrack to our inner lives. And for many fans, the sound that serves this purpose is JB's own -- a sound described by Rainn Wilson as 'Canadian freak-magic for your ear-bones.'

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