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Welcome to the Creative Center and Gallery where you can post your creative work related to Baha'i art, photography, poetry, music, and literature.  All submissions must be pre-approved and not every submission will be accepted.  If you would like to have your work considered for posting on this site please contact us.  Submissions are also limited to one posting or submission per category for artists, writers, musicians, and photographers.

Lawton's Loft

View photography of Dr. Gregory Lawton here:

Dr. Lawton:  I began my artistic career with a pencil and a piece of paper and proceeded to move through many artistic venues, although I most enjoyed pen and ink in the tradition of Aubrey Beardsley, whom I attempted to emulate.  I tend to agree with the photographer that said, "What difference does what kind of camera I use make, any more that what kind of brush an artist uses, what kind of piano a musician plays. This doesn't make any more sense that thinking that a certain brand of typewriter will make you a better author."  Photography is in the eye, and heart and the soul and the camera is the flute through which the music of light flows.


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