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Roger White

More of 'Roger White' Life & Poetry Here:
Roger White Poetry

John Roger White was born in Toronto on 2 June 1929, into a Roman Catholic family of Irish ancestry. His parents, John and Kathleen White, had a total of four children--two girls and two boys. While the family was not especially devout, Roger, the eldest of the children, regularly attended mass, often taking his younger sister Eileen with him. After his graduation Roger left home to live in Toronto. It was during his early twenties that he confided to a close friend that he had doubts about the existence of God - a crisis of faith which he later was to draw upon for a young character in his poem, "New Song."

In retrospect, Roger's declaration of non-belief was effectively a preparation for him to become a Baha'i. While in Toronto, he was introduced to the Baha'i Faith by Gary Rea-Airth.  Attending fireside meetings in Kingston, Ontario,he became very attached to the prominent Canadian Baha'i teacher and administrator, Winnifred Harvey.

Roger White Life & Poetry

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