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Welcome to the Creative Center and Gallery where you can post your creative work related to Baha'i art, photography, poetry, music, and literature.  All submissions must be pre-approved and not every submission will be accepted.  If you would like to have your work considered for posting on this site please contact us.

Seeds of an Unknown Flower

Who knows what we are to be? Like the seeds of an unknown flower we do not know what will bloom from us, what words will take hold of our heart and transform us, what change today, will produce tomorrow, or tomorrow, or tomorrow.

The gnarled hands of the wizened Gardener have pushed seeds deep within the fertile soil of your soul and there shrouded in the earthiness of your being they wait to bloom in resplendent beauty.

More powerful that the splitting of an atom is the change of a human heart. The greatest changes in life result from a word, a gesture, a single deed, the silent passing of a gift from one hand to another, so gently and generously given that, at that moment, you do not recognize the blessing.

Are you seeking the expression of the trueness of your spirit or have you allowed seeds to lay dormant within you? Awaken while there is still yet time and bless mankind with the beauty of your flowering soul.

Sun is a word that cannot measure the splendor of the Sun, as your value cannot be measured by words. Live then so that like the seeds of an unknown flower your beauty will bloom, petal by glorious petal.

Excerpted from Scent of a Forgotten Flower