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Welcome to the Creative Center and Gallery where you can post your creative work related to Baha'i art, photography, poetry, music, and literature.  All submissions must be pre-approved and not every submission will be accepted.  If you would like to have your work considered for posting on this site please contact us.  Submissions are also limited to one posting or submission per category for artists, writers, musicians, and photographers.

Robert Hayden

Read More of 'Robert Hayden' Poetry Here:
Robert Hayden Poetry

A Ballad of Remembrance includes a mix of stark lyrics about family along with historical narratives. The volume features many of his most well-known, and frequently anthologized poems, such as: "Those Winter Sundays," a tender, restrained lyric evoking the unspoken love between a stern, silent father and his ungrateful son; and "Night, Death, Mississippi," in which Hayden adopts the shocking persona of an aging Klansman.

Robert Hayden Born Asa Bundy Sheffey in 1913.  He attended Detroit City College (now Wayne State University) on a scholarship and earned a master's degree at the University of Michigan. While in graduate school, Mr. Hayden became acquainted with the Baha'i Faith and was drawn to its focus on racial harmony. He joined the Faith in 1943 and said: "I believe in the essential oneness of all people and I believe in the basic unity of all religions. I don't believe races are important; I think that people are important."

Robert Hayden Poetry

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